Interview with Bochilo, Nataliia (2014)

Analysis of Interview with Natalia Vladimirovna Bochilo. Conducted by Micah Butler (interviewer) and Spencer Small (camera and sound) in July 2015. Transcribed and translated by Micah Butler, Julia Seeley-Hall, and Spencer Small in Fall 2015. Analysis written by Julia Seeley-Hall in Fall 2015.      Transcription Deed of Gift in English and Russian   Natalia Bochilo grew […]

Interview with Levental, Irina. Movie Going in St. Petersburg, Russia (2012)

Analysis of Interview with Irina Levental Conducted by Rachel Faith (interviewer) and Andrew Andell (cameraman)  in July 2012 Transcribed and translated by Andrew Andell, Emilie Clark, Hannah Kitchen,  Alex McGrath, and Jessica Parks in Fall 2013. Analysis written by Hannah Kitchen and Emilie Clark (fall 2013). Video of Interview Part 1 Video of Interview Part […]

Interview with Agureeva, Marina Grigorievna. Moviegoing in St. Petersburg, Russia (2011)

Conducted by Monika Bernotas (interviewer) and Alex McGrath (camera and sound) in July 2011. Transcribed by Micah Butler, Bailey Orr, Julia Seeley-Hall, Spencer Small, and Maggie Swift in Spring 2015. Analysis written by Julia Seeley-Hall.   Link to Swem Library Digital Archive Transcription   While studying with the 2011 William and Mary summer program in St. Petersburg, Russia,  Monika […]

Interview with Sorkina, Viktoria. Moviegoing in St. Petersburg (2010)

Analysis of Interview with Viktoria Sorkina Conducted by Maggie Burke on 15 July, 2010 Transcribed by Maggie Burke, Alex McGrath, Jennifer Stolz Analysis published by Maggie Burke and Alex McGrath on 12 October 2011 Audio of Interview SorkinaTranscription Deed of Gift for the Interview Link to Swem Digital Archive In July 2010, Mary Burke, a […]