Ala Tay movie theater in Almaty (Kazakhstan)

movie theater Ala Tay in Almaty (1940s)

A movie theater in Almaty where during WW2 the offices of Mosfilm and Lenfilm Studios were located.

Cinema Buses in the USSR and the UK


Cinema Buses in the Late Soviet Union Most of cinema buses for the Soviet film industry were manufactured in Minsk. Read the rest of the article                     Cinema Buses in the United Kingdom “Up in that impressive glass dome is where the projectionist would have originally […]

Film exhibition in Russia begins in St. Petersburg on 4th May 1896.


The first ever screening/demonstration of a new technology in St. Petersburg (and in Russia) was organized by Raül Gunzburg on 4th May 1896 in a stage theater Aquarium during the intermission of a stage production of an operetta from Paris. Gunzburg was on his way to the Nizhny Novgorod trade fair where he displayed the […]

A Moscow Multiplex Experience (spring 2013)

This is an article about the daily routine of a Moscow multiplex theater from The Village online magazine.  The article is in Russian.  

Кинотеатр Аврора. Эшби Гейнс / Сто лет диалога со зрителем (2011)

Aurora Theater in 1913

В моем проекте я рассматриваю кинотеатр Аворора как место памяти. Аврора является старейшим кинотеатром в Санкт Петербурге. Очень важно, что этот кинотеатр находится на Невском проспекте, центре комерческой и культурной жизни города. Я анализирую эволюцию роли кинотеатра в русской и советской культуре двацатого века, в часности в жизни Ленинграда и Петербурга.

The Aurora Theater (St. Petersburg, Russia) A Century of Movie Going: The Aurora Theater (2011)


Ashby Gaines (Russian Studies Program, College of William and Mary) For Abstract of the Research Paper in Russian Click Here. Чтобы прочитать краткое изложение статьи по-русски, нажмите кнопкой мышки здесь.   Vladimir Lenin once said, ‘Of all the arts, the most important for us is Cinema’. While this claim can be debated, The Aurora Theater […]