Oral History Foundation. Interview with Dmitry Sporov.

Дмитрий Борисович Споров – историк, учредитель и президент Фонда «Устная история», заведующий отделом устной истории Научной библиотеки МГУ. Беседовал К.Ю. Морев – В чем вы видите цель Фонда «Устная история»?

Oral History and IRB Approval (January 2017)



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NLTK Module

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CSS Style Rules

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Your First Topic Model

Let’s install Mallet mallet-2.0.7.zip and follow the instructions on the programming historian. http://programminghistorian.org/lessons/topic-modeling-and-mallet The goal is to complete “Your First Topic Model” by October 6th.  

Topic Modelling

Read Mining the Dispatch: introduction (the whole page under the “Introduction” tab; not just the few paragraphs headed “Introduction”) and submit a 200-word response paper to this reading. How might this tool play a role in your project?