Going back to the movies after the pandemic

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Sci-Fi Movie Theaters


    Monumental and imposing, the Rossiya Theatre was the largest cinema hall in Russia and Europe when it was constructed in 1961. The cinema was originally built to host the Moscow International Film Festival and to astound moviegoers from the Soviet Union and beyond. Its best-known features were its luminous glass walls and concrete […]

Ala Tay movie theater in Almaty (Kazakhstan)

movie theater Ala Tay in Almaty (1940s)

A movie theater in Almaty where during WW2 the offices of Mosfilm and Lenfilm Studios were located.


On the surface, it seemed like an impossible task. Take an $8800, NASA-approved interface glove running on $250,000 worth of computer hardware, then replicate the performance in a consumer-grade toy with parts costing less than $26. read more https://getpocket.com/explore/item/an-oral-history-of-nintendo-s-power-glove?utm_source=pocket-newtab

Cinema Buses in the USSR and the UK


Cinema Buses in the Late Soviet Union Most of cinema buses for the Soviet film industry were manufactured in Minsk. Read the rest of the article                     Cinema Buses in the United Kingdom “Up in that impressive glass dome is where the projectionist would have originally […]


Summary of Russian films (1908-1917) “Базa дореволюционных кинолибретто — кратких описаний игровых фильмов, которые публиковались в кинопрессе. Всего собрано 875 текстов. Мы просмотрели все главные киножурналы и многие периферийные — всего 18 журнальных наименований. В первую очередь наша база может пригодиться киноведам, так как в ней можно быстро найти сюжеты несохранившихся фильмов (а не сохранилось […]


What is XML and why should humanists care? (David Birnbaum)

The context Digital humanities (and, in particular, the subfield of DH traditionally called humanities computing) is the use of computer technology to conduct primary humanities research. This introduction has been written for an undergraduate course entitled “Computational methods in the humanities,” a title chosen to emphasize the students’ creation of original programming for use in their own […]

Government Control of Movie Going (2018)

  Фонд Кино: Эра Минкульта

Odessa Film Studio/Одесская Киностудия

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