Hollywood Films in Soviet Distribution

Hollywood Films in Soviet Distribution

Oral History Foundation. Interview with Dmitry Sporov.

Дмитрий Борисович Споров – историк, учредитель и президент Фонда «Устная история», заведующий отделом устной истории Научной библиотеки МГУ. Беседовал К.Ю. Морев – В чем вы видите цель Фонда «Устная история»?

Interview with Blinova, Anna (2017)

Analysis of Interview with Anna Blinova. Conducted by Daniel Sheaffer (interviewer) and Joshua Greenfield (camera and sound) in June 2017. Transcribed and translated by ???? Fall 2017. Analysis written by ??? in Fall 2017. Transcription Deed of Gift Analytical Note

Interview with Belen’kii, Sergei (2015)

Analysis of Interview with Sergei Belen’kii. Conducted by Sasha Prokhorov (interviewer) and Lena Prokhorova (camera and sound) in December 2015. Transcribed and translated by ???? (Gabri will write the list of team members) in Spring 2017. Analysis written by Molly Charles in Spring 2017.   Transcription of the interview (Bailey and John will post in the media archive and create […]

Oral History and IRB Approval (January 2017)



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Donald A. Ritchie “Conducting Interviews”

Ch. 3 “Conducting Interviews.” from Doing Oral History. Oxford UP, 2003. Questions for reading:  What questions are the most useful for the interview? “Would you say …?” is this a useful format for interview questions, according to Rictchie?  Yes/no Why? (93) Who to interview first?  Why are gatekeepers useful to interview? (88)  Why do we need a preliminary […]

Linda Shopes “What is Oral History?”

Shopes, Linda. “What is Oral History?”   Questions for Reading and Discussion What is oral history, according to Linda Shopes? How do historians use oral history? What does Shopes say about the role of the interviewee? Who is the interviewer? Why is this important? What are pre-set and iconic stories? What does Shopes say about […]

NLTK Module

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